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Como instalar un paquete python con pip

Ejemplo. Una parte de la salida buscando Pygame con pip

pip search pygame


easypg - Various tools to simplify the use of Pygame
LibRPG - A framework over Pygame for developing 2D RPGs
guiu-english - english translation of gui library for pygame and python
PyMLGame - PyMLGame is an abstraction layer to easily build games for Mate Light inspired by PyGame.
SimpleGUICS2Pygame - Primarily a standard Python module reimplementing the SimpleGUI particular module of CodeSkulptor (a browser Python interpreter).
pyviewx.pygame - A pygame calibration scene for use with PyViewX
pygame_fpak - Flatpak packaging for pygame games.
pygnet - pygnet is a minimal layer on top of Twisted, for pygame.
simple-draw - This package allows you to draw graphical primitives with pygame.
pywl - A graphics library for pygame
pygu - Pydsigner's Pygame Utilities - a collection of handy modules for Pygame.
oo - You always wanted Python to moo? Now it can. Requires PyGame
rexmenu - Simple image tiling program launcher/MAME frontend using Pygame
Pyganim - A sprite animation module for Pygame.
pygameui - GUI framework for Pygame
pygameweb - pygameweb pygame.org website code.
pygnetic - Network library for Pygame
sge-pygame - A 2-D game engine for Python
wxPyGameVideoPlayer - Just a simple video player using wxPython, PyGame, and OpenCV
thorpy - pygame GUI library
pymage - Pygame helper package
KezMenu - A simple and basical Pygame library for fast develop of menu interfaces
subterrex - A pygame based game of subterranean exploration
pgu - Phil's pyGame Utilities - a collection of handy modules and scripts for PyGame.
anime - Declarative animation library for pygame.
slideshow-screensaver - Slideshow screensaver for Gnome based on Pygame
planes - planes - A Hierarchical Surface Framework for Pygame
sappho - 2D game engine (pygame)
rapidpg - A collections of tools for rapid game developement with pygame
Pygame - Python Game Development